Monday, September 12, 2011

Ordering the Return of Fugitive Slaves

Today's entry is from the New York Times, dated  Thursday September 12, 1861, and concern the order to return Fugitive Slaves to their masters.

There is much feeling there among leading men, caused by the action of Gen. McClellan in ordering the return of fugitive slaves, or, rather, their arrest in camps and imprisonment in jail to await the claim of their masters.  This is in contravention of the spirit of the letter addressed by the Secretary of War to Gen. Butler, for it constitutes our troops but an army of negro catchers.  It is directly in contradiction to the letter of Fremont's proclamation, which has been unanimously accepted by the people of the loyal States as a true interpretation of our relation to the slaveholders in rebellion against the Government.
From Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper, Oct. 12, 1861,
from the Library of Congress Collection.
The caption on the illustration above from Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper reads, "LINCOLN -- "I'm sorry to have to drop you, Sambo, but this concern won't carry us both!"

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