Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Aaron Burr or a Conceited and Imbecile Fool

This entry is from the Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress, transcribed and annotated by the Lincoln Studies Center, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois.

This is a letter written to Lincoln, from "A Southerner", on September 24, 1861, and the writer thinks that Fremont should be removed from his post, and says so in no uncertain terms.

Baltimore Septr 24th 1861
Oh for the Sake of our dear Country remove Fremont.-- He is not fit to be entrusted in this critical hour with the Nation's interest.

Would McClellan or McDowell have acted as he has. McDowell was only unfortunate -- Fremont is either imbecile &; unfit for his position or I fear, yes dread he is worse. He is either an Aaron Burr or a conceited & imbecile fool.

A Southerner.
 Lyon!! Sacrificed
Missouri! Overrun.
Mulligan! left to shift for himself & compelled to surrender.--
Our Countrys Flag!! trailed by the exulting miscreants in the dust!!!
The Union Cause!!
The Cause of our dear Country!! dispirited, confidence lost & a stab to the Cause of Liberty.
All these lie at Fremont's door!!
Who can deny it?
P. S. --
Look at it in all its bearings! give circumstances all their weight, Freemont's course is the very antipode of Genl McClellan or Genl Wool. They would have anticipated Price.

The Country has the fullest confidence in them, that Freemont can never now enjoy no matter how brilliant his future success. The Country cannot confide in Freemont Mark me.--
And another strong point is His impudent & unsoldier like letter to you-- He has to learn his Horn book over. The first lesson the Cornerstone Obey!  A man may Obey with that sullen contempt that is worse than disobeying. When he asked so insolently for a general order, well for the Country had the General  order been his dismissal Look to him! Look to him!! Beware of him ere too late.
Better men than Fremont have been deposed for circumstances over which they had no control -- that assume the lustre of virtues when compared to me acts & idle dalying of this cold hearted & self conceited fool. He L refuses audiences while the best sons of the U States are Sacrificed!
Fremont by Frabronius, from Library of Congress Collection

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