Saturday, September 24, 2011

It Seems Like Killing Friends

This entry is a letter from Charles N. Tenney to Adelaide E Case and comes from the University of Virginia Library ( Manuscript letter from the Corinne Carr Nettleton Civil War Collection). Tenney was from the 7th Ohio Regiment. In a letter dated September 24, 1861 Tenney  discusses how much he hates the war, but that he is still patriotic.
Oh! shall I be so gald when this cruel unholy war is ended. it seems so like killing friends. but in the language of the hoary traitor Wise himself, who said at the time of the John Brown raid, "Treason must be put down", and I could conscientiously shoot him and his associates Floyd and Lee like dogs. Don't think for a moment dear Addie because I say I am tired of war, that I am tired of supporting the glorious old Stars and Stripes on the contrary I would not accept a discharge if one was offered me until every ______ banner be trampled in the dust, and every traitor hung.
Henry A Wise, John B Floyd and Robert E Lee, all who were Confederate Generals in 1861.

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