About the Civil War Visions and Viewpoints Blog

The Civil War was an extraordinary time for the United States.  It affected each person living in this country then profoundly.  And our legacy is just as profoundly affected.

Some of the people living then wrote diaries and journals telling about their personal experiences, thoughts, and desires.  People from all walks of life, from the north and south, slave and free, officers and privates, old and young, at the home front and the fighting front.

The purpose of this blog is to bring the reader some of these voices, a few words at time.  Snippets of lives and experiences.  They bring the reality of these times to us, and what it was like to live then, in those extraordinary times.  And perhaps, through it all, we will learn a little, too.

It is my intention that each blog entry will correspond to a day on the calendar for the years 1861 through 1865.  For instance, on April 15, I might find a voice telling of Abraham Lincoln’s death, and write and share that with readers.