Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hordes of Hungry Rebels

This entry is an excerpt from a Proclamation made by Governor A. G. Curtin of Pennsylvania on August 20th, 1861, imploring military enlistment,  as found in The Rebellion Record:  A Diary of American Events, Volume II, 1862 edited by Frank Moore.

Washington is again believed to be in danger.  The President has made an earnest appeal for all the men that can be furnished to be sent forward without delay.  If Pennsylvania now puts forth her strength, the hords [sic] of hungry rebels may be swept down to the latitudes where they belong.  If she falters, the seat of tumults, disorder, and rapine may be transferred to her own soil.  Let every man so act that he will not be ashamed to look at his mother, his wife, or sisters . . . .

Governor A. G. Curtin, from the Library of Congress Collection

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