Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vive La Humbug

From the Richmond Daily Dispatch, July 6, 1861
A decided cynic point of view on Professor Lowe's hot air balloon:
A few days ago, we read that the Professor was in Washington trying the adaptation of the balloon to the army service. The Administration were at one end of a telegraph wire on the earth and the Professor at the other end, in his balloon, several hundred feet above the earth. The Professor was communicating "important intelligence" of the movements of Gen. Beauregard at Manassas. He will doubtless give them as much "important intelligence" as they will receive credulously, and when he has bamboozled Abraham, Seward & Co., to his hearts content, will profess to be of no further service, pocket a few thousand for "important services" and hold himself in readiness for similar patriotic performances.--Vive la humbug.
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Prof. Thaddeus S. Lowe observing the battle from his balloon "Intrepid", from Library of Congress Collectino

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