Friday, June 24, 2011

Rebels In Our Midst

Francis Harrison Pierpont has just been elected Governor of the Restored government of Virginia (later known as West Virginia)  on June 20, 1861, just four days before the  communication below was written pleading for help and protection from "Rebels in our midst."  Unfortunately, it was merely a precursor of the struggle to come in the area.

This letter can be found at the Prince William County Virginia by Ronald Ray Turner website (
To Governor Pierpont
Of the State of Virginia

Governor Pierpont,
Honorable Sir: Whereas, we, the Union Citizens of Wayne County, for some time past, has been daily threatened by the Rebels in our midst, with the destruction of life, property, or subjugation to the rule of the so called Confederate States; by the instrumentality of an armed force. We, therefore, as loyal citizens, possessing allegiance both to Federal Constitution and the State of Virginia under the Provisional Government now being established, do, most humbly petition your Excellency that, an armed force of U. S. Troops may be sent speedily as possible among us, and stationed at Annacetta, 8 miles from Guyandotte, to protect us from the insults and outrages of Secessionist. Done at a meeting held in Wayne County, Va., June 24th 1861.
R. T. Luther, President
B. D. McGinnis, Secretary
In November 1861 Union liberators, who considered Guyandotte (now part of Huntington, WV),  a "seesech" town, burned two-thirds of it to the ground.

More about Guyandotte's tragic fate and the events leading up to it can be found at the Guyandotte Civil War Days Website.

Francis Harrison Pierpoint (from Wikipedia)

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