Friday, June 10, 2011

Hardships to Bear

Letter from Henry Bitner, Chambersburg, PA, to Alexander Cressler, (as found as

Alexander Cressler to Henry Bitner, a friend.  Cressler is confident the Union will prevail, but there may be hardships to bear.   Little did he know then that Chambersburg would be destroyed by the Confederates three years later.

June 10, 1861, Chambersburg, PA

. . . You seemed to think that some other Nation might join with the South but I believe our cause is a just one, and if, all the other nations of the earth should join with their teeming millions and come to our shores in battle array against us, that by trusting in the god of battles, who I believe is superintending our movements, that triumph must be ours, but we must do our share of the work and stand right up to the mark, whether death be our lot a not Henry, I have no fear of the result, we may lose many good men, but if we go to the work right I feel confident of success.. . .
The Ruins of Chambersburg, 1864, From Library of Congress Collection

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