Sunday, May 15, 2011

Be Free!

From a letter written by Job Barnard, 73rd Infantry, Indiana (from

 Camden, Alabama
 May 15, 1865

Perry has just been talking to a squad of negroes who have come across the Tennessee River from the Rebel Salt Petre Works where they have been kept at work. They had a pass from the Captain Commanding the Nitre works and were to report to their Master, C.C.Clay in Madison country, Alabama. Perry told them to call no man master but to report to Provost Marshal in Huntsville and that the same C.C.Clay whom they call master was one of the men who helped to murder President Lincoln and he is now in Canada. It made us all mad to think that in Alabama yet lived such men as those who traffic in flesh and blood. They seem loth to give up the idea of slavery and hang on as long as they can keep up even a shadow of reality. But the Colored populace have nearly all learned by this time that "Massa Lincoln" broke off their fetters and bid them be free.
Postcard honoring president Abraham Lincoln for his Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves, 1860s.

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