Wednesday, May 25, 2011

50 to 70 Miles More

From a letter written by Thomas J. Bartholomew, 40th Infantry, Indiana (see

This was written by a march-weary soldier on the day that the Siege of Corinth began.  Bartholomew wished for a fight then and there, but he didn't get his wish.  Instead Beauregard had the Confederate army sneak away, while making it appear like they were getting ready to fight.  The Confederates set up dummy guns along the earthworks, kept camp fires going, and the drummers and buglers continued to play.  And no doubt Bartholomew had some more marching to do.

Camp near Corinth
 May 25, 1862

I do not particularly, desire to get in a fight, but if we must fight them at all I do hope that it will be done here, for it is just as good a place for both us, and the rebels to test, and decide this matter, as can be found anywhere in the Southern States. I am sure they will never find a more convenient place and I am sure I never want to march 50 or 70 miles farther South and then have them to fight.
The 31st regt. Ohio Volunteers, building breastworks and embrasures before Corinth, Miss., May, 1862
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, reproduction number LC-USZ62-25421.

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