Saturday, December 24, 2011

Long and Loose In The Joints

This entry is from Diary of a Union Lady 1861 - 1865 edited by Harold Earl Hammond.

This is from the diary of Maria Lydig Daly, wife of a justice of the Court of Common Pleas in New York City.  She is not a fan of Lincoln, as you will see by this quote, which was a common opinion in New York City at the time.

December 19, 1861

Lincoln is mentally what he is physically, long and loose in the joints.  He cannot gather himself up easily for an effort, but all agree he is a conscientious, honest fellow, most unfit for his high position, not realizing the peril of the country, content to be President and have Mrs. Lincoln dress herself up and hold levees. . . . She is not a young woman by any means, but dresses like one and rather bullies her husband, which they say accounts for his meekness.  The people of Springfield say that she was often heard crying from her doorstep:  "Abraham, Abraham, we want a bushel of potatoes."

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